About Say Goodnight

When the tired sun is sloping down and yielding to a silver moon, comes the time for Say Goodnight. This is a kind and cute bedtime story about a little baby and animals, his friends. Before going to sleep the kid wishes goodnight to the animals in the farm and the forest. And as every good child he completes his going-to-bed routines: puts toys away, puts on pajamas, washes the face, brushes the hair and teeth.

Say Goodnight – interactive bedtime story, which brings parents and kids together. The app ideally suits children from 1,5 to 4 years.


- Unobtrusive play. The animals are very tired after their daily routines. Lull them to sleep moving your device upwards-downwards.

- Learning. Say Goodnight teaches kids to complete important steps of bedtime routine (putting toys away, putting on pajamas, washing the face, brushing the hair and teeth).

- Atmosphere. Enjoy three picturesque locations: Forest, Farm and Baby’s House.

- Characters. Twelve adorable animals (Bear, Owl, Squirrel, Hedgehog, Cow, Horse, Pig, Hen, Cat, Dog, Bird, Mouse).

- Music. Soothing lullaby melody to prepare kids for sleep.

- Safety. Our apps do not contain third-party advertising, links and in-app purchases. See also Privacy Policy.


Minimum System Requirements:

Device type:
iPad, iPad mini, iPhone
5.0 or above
Free space:
at least 650Mb


Version details:
Applied Systems Ltd.
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